Things That Go Bump In The Night, Redux

The night waking around here has been continuing since, oh, basically February. Every night, right around 3:30 a.m. (so every morning?) the doodle wakes up screaming in terror. He can never really say what he's scared of, and honestly I'm not sure that it's much more than just waking up and then getting scared. We've tried everything from flashlights, leaving lights on his room, leaving the hall light on, a combination of all three, music, a white noise machine, and bribery for making it through the night without waking us up. Nothing doing.

So, in desperate need of at least one night of uninterrupted sleep, we put a little bed together on the floor of our room and told him that if he wakes up scared he can come sleep there, just don't wake us up.

Mostly this is working fine, though he has trouble occasionally getting tucked in and has to wake us up to get covered on his little bed in our room. But that's still faster than waking up, walking down the hall, soothing, getting him back to bed, etc. So less interruption, at least.

Now the question is whether we should dismantle the toddler bed and get him set up with his double bed for the six-ish hours he's in it (and who knows, maybe being in his big bed would help him sleep all night?) Or leave it all as is for now and worry about it later. It might make his room less crowded (well, obviously it would, one bed vs. two) but I kind of worry about what it might do to nap time. Though again, he might be totally ok with it.

Decisions, decisions.

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