Yet Another Reason the Doodle Needs a Sibling, Stat

Him: Mama, call papa (what we call my dad)

Me: Ok (dial phone)

Him: Hi papa, did Lala bring you any Captain Crunch?

Papa: I don't know, I'll go look (he goes to the pantry) No, I don't see any

Him: Do you want to go to the store and buy some and bring it to me?

Papa: Sure - I'll be there in a few minutes

And not 20 minutes later, papa shows up with a big box of Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries.

Crazy grandparents

Spoiled little boy


Jen said...

Papa is awesome!

beth said...

Papa is awesome, there is no doubt. And I'm silly to think that a sibling would be anything other than someone else to get him to do random things for them.