Day Two: Tracy Arm

Today we actually set an alarm to ensure that we were up at the proper time because we had our character breakfast on tap for 8 am. The doodle was excited about the prospect of eating with Mickey Mouse and it took a little doing to explain that he wasn't going to sit at our table, just come by and take pictures. Still, it was very fun and we got photos with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip, and Dale. We also got fun hats made out of napkins (I got a Minnie Bow and the doodle got a Peter Pan hat. Tim never got one, so I let him wear my Minnie Bow for a little while.)

After breakfast, the kiddo decided that he wanted to play, so we took him back up the Oceaneer Club and, after a little initial unhappiness that we couldn't stay and play with him, he decided to stay and Tim and I wandered off...only to realize that we really enjoy having him along. We spent some considerably less stressful time in the shops browsing the various sundries they have and have mentally earmarked potential purchases for ourselves and others (it was nice, in this case, to not be trying to catch things every two minutes, which is what happened the first time Mr. Grabby came along). We also wandered about on the top deck looking at the scenery. Before too much longer, we figured it was probably lunch time and went to collect the kiddo before he started making too many noises about being starving.

Lunch today was a BBQ, they had ribeyes, salmon, and chicken on the grill as well as a wide variety of sides. It was yummy, and the smell was awesome and permeated the ship for quite some time. After lunch, we made our way back up to the top deck to see if we wanted to claim some territory for the Tracy Arm narration. Somewhere between starting lunch and finishing it, it got really cold. We huddled in our jackets (and I grumbled about the temperature being considerably below what the forecasts I looked at prior to packing were figuring) and finally the kiddo said he was cold and wanted to go back to the room. We stopped on the way at the store and bought him a hooded sweatshirt (that is large enough I think it should last 2 seasons, fingers crossed), then went back to the room. We watched some of the entry into the fjords from the balcony with the narration on the TV, then we put the kiddo down for his nap and watched more (taking about a bazillion photos, because again, GORGEOUS) without the narration while he slept. The glacier at the end of the trek is just fascinating - such blue ice is really odd (but pretty). We saw a few little tail flips of some kind of animal, but it wasn't dramatic enough (or long enough duration) to really do more than go "Ooh, look!" and then it was gone before you could react further. After a while, Tim and I shut the balcony door and watched from the couch - eventually dozing off ourselves (hey, it's a vacation).

When nap time was over, we got ready for supper and headed out to get photos with some characters that were out for just such a purpose before hand. Dinner was in the Animator's Palate - the restaurant that changes from black and white to full color over the course of the meal. It's very, very cool, and kind of like having a show built into your dinner. Tim had mushroom risotto, baked potato and cheese soup, and asian marinated beef on wasabi mashed potatoes, with apple crumble for dessert. I had the risotto and soup as well, but decided to try the salmon wrapped in phillo. Bad decision on my part. It was...not delicious. I ate about two bites and decided I'd had enough other food today that it wasn't going to be an issue if I didn't eat an entree. The lemon souffle with raspberry sauce for dessert was a much happier end to the meal.

From there we headed back to the main lobby where Donald Duck and Mickey were posing for photos. Chip and Dale were one level up in the same area. The line for Donald was insane, so after a little scouting, I sent Tim and the kiddo up to Chip and Dale while I waited in the Donald line. They were back in plenty of time to get a picture with Donald as well. Then we slipped around to Goofy's line (Mickey having left shortly after we joined the Donald line) and got a photo with him, as well.

At that point it was 8:15 and we decided to give the evening's show a try. We found seats that were easily escapable if needed again and settled in for Michael Harrison, a ventrilloquist. He was hilarious - lots of terrible puns, but even the doodle was laughing for most of the show, he did a very kid friendly act, which was great.

When that was done, it was definitely time for the doodle to be in bed - and honestly, I think I'm switching off the light soon myself.

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