Tuesday Tidbits

Alternately Titled: I've Got Nothing

  • I signed up for NaNo yesterday. The plan is to finish the novel that has been periodically worked on over the last year. I really like this one. I've actually done some rereading and hey! It doesn't suck. So it's probably actually worth finishing. Then what? Not sure. But step one is certainly to finish it.
  • We'll see if that actually ends up happening or if I manage to talk myself out of it again (really, it's amazing how easily I convince myself that things I write are terrible. I should find myself a critique group that is not just my family - cause when my sister tells me something is good I kind of figure she has to say that, even though I know she wouldn't say it if she didn't think it. But, well...there's probably several years of therapy in there, and I wasn't planning on posting for the rest of the day.)
  • I think the whole mess at church is on its way to being resolved in a positive manner. I did get an apology as well. So that's lovely. We'll just cross our fingers that things continue on this course.
  • I'm loving the return of the fall weather (we had a little heat spell there for a few days.) Also loving all the pumpkin flavored things cropping up. Why is pumpkin only used in the fall? (I mean, I get that this is when pumpkins are grown and therefore ripe, but we import other fruit/veggies out of their season, why not pumpkin?)
  • The Saturn is leaking coolant again. Given that we have been pretty sure that it was going to be the one replaced sooner than later, I'm thinking we should just make it sooner and not sink more money into it. Tim sees the theory but is grumbling somewhat about the idea (he has a thing about spending large quantities of money. I do too, but sometimes purchases must be made.) 
  • I went to a lampworking class on Sunday. I intend to make a whole post about that soon, but wanted to wait until I had my beads to show you. I can go pick them up on Thursday (based on hours they're open, not kiln times. They're probably ready now, but the place is only open Wednesday - Saturday. And I'm going to be up that way Thursday anyway, so figured I'd not make a special trip tomorrow just to get my beads. Though I might. We'll see.)


Jen said...

Oooh, lampwork!

beth said...

It was so very fun. I think (hope) some of my stuff actually turned out well, too.

Rachel said...

Yes, you need to finish it so I can read the ending!!!