I'm Just Here To Make God Chuckle

What is it they say, God laughs while man makes plans. Or something like that? We could go the route of "The best laid plans of mice and men..." but then I start thinking of Steinbeck and the poor little puppy that got loved to death by dear old Lennie and, well, really, who needs to think about dead puppies? After all, we know that dead puppies aren't much fun.

So there was the whole "Hey! The new bed is making progress! And he's not sleeping in our room!" Yeah. That. Well, he's still not sleeping in our room, but he's not really sleeping, either. Last night he didn't feel well, and really that's a free pass, I'll give you that, but it meant we ended up sleeping in the guest room because nothing would do but mommy sleeping with him. And, like I said, sick is  free pass. But I am tired.

Then there's an upcoming trip to meet the birth mother of the baby we're hoping to adopt at the beginning of the year. The attorneys were going to meet with us, but one thing led to another and now the meeting is not at their office but at some yet-to-be-determined location and it's going to be a bit away from the office, which means that it would cost a rather large amount of money to have the attorney still facilitate (and honestly, why did I not become an attorney? I would love to charge people $200/hour for my time. Even if all I'm doing is driving to a meeting. Oh. Plus mileage, of course.) And on the one hand, I'm probably ok with not having the attorney there. But on the other hand I wonder if I'm not too sleep deprived currently to be making smart decisions. And oh yes, Tim has three phone numbers I can use to get a hold of him at work. Except he doesn't answer any of them.

Le sigh.

The whole not meeting at the same place thing has also caused me to question taking the kiddo along, except I'm guessing she will want to meet him, too (I would, were the positions reversed), so I'm thinking maybe we could suggest meeting at a park where there is a playground so that he can run and zip and not destroy something. Provided, of course, that the weather goes along with that. It is fall, after all.

Add to that the fact that I started a new class this week and, for the first time, was planning to have everyone call me Dr. Sleepy (Hey, I earned it, I'm gonna use it at least for a little while) and there are two students who have had me before who have already started things out using my first name. (And really, it's not a big deal, but no one else is going to address me as Dr., so I thought it would be fun.)

Throw in the fact that the dogs are on my very last nerve (and, oh yes, I'm tired) and you have a fairly grumpy person on the other end of this keyboard. Do they even make Calgon anymore?

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