On Serendipity

Robbo was over talking about the Carol of the Bells earlier today. I have to say, I am a big, big fan of the Carol of the Bells -- it's not played nearly enough for my taste (honestly, with as much as I have to suffer through Blue Christmas and other terrible songs of that ilk, surely they could torment others with the Carol of the Bells a bit more, for fairness if nothing else.) Anyway, imagine my delight when this popped up in my Facebook feed.

Also, can I just add that I can't fathom how hard it is to keep a cello in tune sitting out in air cold enough to show your breath? Yikes.


Lynellen said...

watching his bow shred, it is also apparently hard to play like this and not destroy lots of bow strings.

Rob said...


Eric Siegmund said...

Two words: bow sync.

Or, this is the aural equivalent of Photoshopping.

But, still, undeniably excellent. Love the song; love that the guy can make playing the cello seem cooler than an electric guitar.