Rounding Up The End of the Year

I've been having a bit of a mini-vacation over Christmas, as it seems good to do now and again. Tim has been home this week and we've been alternating between hanging out and getting the nursery taken care of. I'm pleased that the nursery is, in fact, nearly complete - just a few things to hang and we either need to buy the new baby a new dresser or move the dresser that matches the crib back into the nursery and buy the kiddo a new one. Either way, it's not hugely critical to do right now, so I'm not including it in the estimation of completion. Once I get everything the way I like it, I'll try to post a photo. I'm pleased with how it's shaping up.

I'm also loving having the library moved to what was the kiddo's room. It feels...cozier. And the bookshelves actually fit better as this room has 2 uninterrupted walls, whereas the previous library had only 1. What that translates to is an uninterrupted L of shelves vs. willy-nilly shelf arrangement.

If I make it the rest of the way through my current book before midnight tomorrow (I have no doubt that I will and have, in fact, already added it to the list), I'll hit 150 books for the year. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud. I will say that I tend not to read while the kiddo is awake, but I think about what else I could have gotten done and wonder if I need to try and read less next year. Of course, that seems a bit sacrilegious.

Once again I'll be skipping the whole resolution thing tomorrow night. Though I am pleased that I don't have to think about anything remotely related to a PhD this year. We'll call 2012 the year of finally being finished with school. I'd also love to call it the year that the kiddo finally sleeps through the night consistently. But with a new baby coming in February, I'm not sure how likely that is.

We have no plans for tomorrow night - I suspect I will attempt to convince Tim to watch a movie (shouldn't be a hard sell). We watched Underworld this week, which I had never seen, so perhaps we'll watch part 2. Or maybe Harry Potter. Or maybe both. Regardless, you get the idea of how we party around here though. On the other hand, we have to teach Sunday school the next morning, so a good night's sleep is probably a good idea anyway.

Happy New Year!

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