A Bit of Friday Random

Lots of thoughts jumbling around - might as well just disperse them and be done, since the only time I actually seem able to compose real, cohesive and (in my mind) mildly amusing posts anymore is while in the shower. (And, as one might surmise, I don't have any typing mechanism in that particular location, and by the time I'm dried off and presentable, either the thoughts have flown the coop or life is intervening. Or both.)


  • I've been playing the classical station a bit more of late, growing baby brains and all, you know. This morning, they chanced to play something and I caught myself humming along to A Mighty Fortress is Our God, right up until it diverged off into other strains. Surprised, I glanced at the listing to see that it was the Finale of Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 5. I can't say I'm overly familiar with Mendelssohn, but this was very clearly something I'd never heard (the major theme of Mighty Fortress notwithstanding, obviously). I have to admit I like it quite a bit and am, even now, scooting through the rest of the symphony via YouTube. I may actually have to find and purchase a good recording of it.
  • At the beginning of February, mom found that her cancer numbers had gone up. They retested a week later (the doctor seeming in pretty much no hurry whatsoever) and found they had gone up even more since that first test. So then, again rather lazily, she was sent for a follow CT scan. Well, the good news is there's only one new tumor. The bad news is the inoperable tumors are growing again, so she's to start chemo again. And now, all of a sudden, the doctor is in an all-fired hurry, so she'll have her first round next week. Prayers greatly appreciated - I'm really not ready to not have her around. And I so want my boys to grow up knowing her. 
  • We've got a rollicking good thunder and rain storm going on just now. Love it.
  • Kiddo the younger's really rather nasty diaper rash is, finally, clearing up. And now he's got thick, yellowy goop coming out of one eye. Now, don't ask me where on earth he would have picked up pink eye (if, in fact, it is pink eye. His eye is not, in fact, pink. Just gooey. And eyes shouldn't be gooey.) Honestly, I'm ready for this poor kid to catch a break. And also to stop being at the doctor's office every time I turn around.
  • With my luck, he picked it up *at* the doctor's office.
  • Kiddo the elder convinced my sister to come over and hang out with us today. It's been delightful. He then convinced her to take him out on a special mission. So they trooped off and I thought to have some time to myself (the younger being asleep at the time), though of course he immediately woke up demanding food. Still, once fed and changed, he was content to let me shower. When they returned, they came bearing a birthday cake, candles, sunflowers, and a bird feeder (for my gift.) He's such an amazingly thoughtful little boy. 
  • Also, I really need to be sure that Tim and I start watching the conversations we have around him, because I just asked this morning if we could get a new bird feeder and start feeding the birds again now that we are dog-less. So kiddo the elder heard, processed, and acted on something that was just briefly mentioned in passing. Little pitchers and all that.
  • I've finished my Bible in 90 reading program. It was lovely to do and, in some ways, easier than the year long programs I've tried (and usually am reasonably unsuccessful at completing.) That said, I'm also looking forward to being able to read other things again. Is that terrible? I feel marginally guilty about having that thought.
That's probably about all. I think there might have been more, but it went down the drain in the shower with the more interesting blog post.

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Rachel said...

What a sweetheart your doodle is :). He is absolutely amazingly thoughtful!