Live and Learn (But Don't Get Luvs)

When we were prepping for the elder kiddo, my mom let me know not to bother with any newborn sized things as they're not worn for very long at all. Seeing as how mom's last child (me) came into the world at a whopping 9 pounds 8 ounces, this makes quite a bit of sense. However, as we discovered the first time we tried to put a size 1 diaper on a 7 pound 7 ounce boy (hint: you can only overlap the velcro so far before it does not, in fact, actually have anything to attach to), with these smaller kiddos, newborn sized things are, in fact, quite useful.

And so this time around, we went off on our adventure armed with a pack of newborn diapers rather than size 1. When I went to purchase said diapers, they had either the mongo "OMG you're having octuplets!" sized packages in all the more name brand type diapers, or the more useful 60ish diaper sized pack of Luvs. As I stuck that in my cart, there was a niggle at the back of my brain that I just couldn't wiggle out, so I went with it.

It turned out that the hospital loaded us up when we left with serious swag (honestly, the Oscars have nothing on the goodybag we brought home), including four 32-packs of newborn diapers. So I rolled my eyes at myself slightly and figured that, oh well, I had bought some we'd not use. Right up until we found that kiddo the younger is even more adept than his older brother at dirtying a brand new diaper just seconds after it's applied and you think you're home free. (And really, you've got to be quick on your toes because he's got wicked aim when he decides to let loose.) So often a normal diaper change turns into a 3 or 4 diaper extravaganza by the time all is said and done.

In light of this, we ran out of our swag yesterday and I loaded the diapers that took a little road trip with us into the diaper drawer and off we went. For about two diaper changes when I realized that the poor little man's parts were getting redder. And chapped-er. And diaper changes were becoming more and more unpleasant for all involved.

Massive quantities of Balmex and a quick trip to the store for a new type of diapers (the kind the hospital sent home, since we know those worked fine) and things seem to be clearing up. As we talked about it, Tim finally realized that kiddo the elder had this same problem with Luvs.

Now, I have friends who swear by them...but my two (who have no genetic material in common), well, they apparently feel much more entitled to the finer things in life when it comes to booty wear.

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