Yes, yes, I know. But it's either this or nothing because I can't come up with anything else that would fill a post on its own.

  • The older boy is doing very well with his weekly swimming lessons. I suspect he'd move up a level if he'd figure out how to be just a tad *less* excited about the whole thing. As it is, he gets jazzed up and then doesn't listen and then doesn't finish the requirements. It'll come with time. I am happy though that he's pretty well able to kick off the bottom of the pool and make for the wall. With a boy as fearless in the water, these are necessary skills if I'm not going to have a heart attack at the pool.
  • I'm enjoying not having a class this term. I'm also finding more than enough ways to fill my time. All things considered I'm glad it worked out this way.
  • We are hoping to join Jen and family at Busch Gardens on Saturday. Of course, she pointed out that it's going to be in the 90s (if you put any stock in the weather guessers) and that has me considering re-thinking. I don't like the hot. I'm not ready for the hot. On the other hand, the elder kiddo would most surely love it, so...I might have to just suck it up.
  • Tim may have to work on Saturday. I suspect I'll still make the trek to BG even if he does. And then I'll have to just tell him how awesome it was. 
  • The younger boy's finalization hearing is in May - looking forward to him being officially a Sleepy!
  • He still won't really take a binky. And he fights sleep. Not a good combination. Thankfully he's very laid back otherwise. And he's the 2nd, so I'm a little more ok with the idea that sometimes babies just need to cry a little bit to get themselves settled.
  • We got our postcard for the annual trip to the eye doctor last week. It'll be interesting to see how my eye pressure is doing and also how the elder boy's eyesight is. They had minor concerns at his 4 year well child, so we'll see what we see. I also plan to get a prescription to take with me (note to self: don't forget that!) so I can get a back up pair of glasses (or 2) from the online place everyone raves about. With two kids trying desperately to grab my face, it's only a matter of time til my current ones break.

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