July 11th Can't Get Here Fast Enough

Almost 2 years ago I upgraded my phone to a smart phone. I was so excited - practically in love. I'd been envying my sister's iPhone for a year or so by then, and while I wasn't willing to switch from Verizon (who gives me nominal, but not great, coverage in my house) to AT&T (who you're luck if the thing can ping a tower at any point in my neighborhood), I was looking forward to checking my email and so forth more easily. So I did a little research and decided that the HTC Incredible would be coming home with me.

Come home with me it did. And I loved it. And it was a good phone...for about a year. Then they started pushing updates. And more updates. And still more updates. And the first thing that happened was it would decide, randomly, that it was out of memory. Even though looking at the storage would clearly reveal that there was hardly anything in use (main or SD card memory). I fiddled. I futzed. Ultimately, every time the stupid low disk space warning comes on, I have to go through and clear the data on various apps (the Internet is the big culprit. Try to Google one thing and you'll be out of disk space before the page you want loads. IMDb is another. Use a map? Forgetaboutit.)

For a smartphone, the Incredible is pretty stupid.

On July 11th I'll be eligible for my new every two and I'll be kicking this piece of you-know-what to the curb. And probably backing over it a few times with the car. I'm not 100% sure what I'll get instead. Verizon does have the iPhone now, and that's tempting, but...I really don't want to join that collective (even though I'm told it makes you pretty, popular, and thin.) I kind of want a physical keyboard. My fingers, for whatever reason, don't conduct super well - so touch screens of most variety don't like me. I can make them work, but typing is a PITA. (Plus, for having small hands - which I'm assured I do - I have fat fingers when it comes to soft keyboards. So when I do manage to poke the thing in just the right way that the action registers, more often than not the wrong letter pops up.)

But even if it's a tin can with a string hanging out of one end, it's going to be better than the HTC Incredible(ly Stupid) has turned out to be.


Lynellen said...

There are MANY iphone cases that have a slide out keyboard. Come to the dark side. We'll make you prettier and thinner. Now that everyone has an iphone, we can't make you popular anymore.

Jen said...

LOVE my iPhone. I was nervous about the touchscreen, but I do OK with it now.

beth said...

LOL, Lynellen. I'll have to look at the cases - didn't know that was an option, honestly.

Jen, they're neat phones, though I guess I do worry about becoming an apple weenie.