It's Gonna Be a Long Day

I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night. No real idea why, I was tired. But every time I thought I was comfortable, my mind would start racing with stupid things (like a really annoying song, or random bits of poetry I memorized in high school). Around midnight I was finally drifting off...when the baby decided that he needed company.

I fed him. (Not sure it was really what he needed, but in my groggy "I just fell asleep five minutes ago, why am I awake" state, it seemed to me that he might have missed a bottle yesterday.) He ate, grinned, and went back to sleep.

By 1 I was back in bed, drifting off. At 2:30, the elder boy came in and crawled into our bed owing to the thunderstorms that I hadn't heard until he woke me. Don't really have an issue with that, other than the whole waking mommy up to get permission to get in our bed. Though that's really what we've encouraged (and we kind of have to do because otherwise he'd sneak in there every night and really it's only thunderstorms that we allow. My little social bug doesn't like to be alone, even when he's sleeping.)

By 3:30 I was finally back asleep.

At 4:30, the baby was up again. I think some of his issue is probably teething. (At least if the drool and snot production is anything to go by. Then again, he could have a cold. It's not like you can really do anything for a 5 month old either way. Cuddling and something cold to gnaw is about it.) He is just now getting himself back to sleep. I would love to think I could go lie down again for a few hours, but the elder boy will be up in less than an hour (sooner if the thunder keeps up enough for him to realize that neither of us are in there with him - Tim's already off to work.) but I know that's just enough time for me to get a good grump on when I wake up. (I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I really wish I could nap.)

Pass the coffee...I think I'm going to need extra today.

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