Random Thoughts

It's Friday night. Tim's in playing Xbox and I'm procrastinating on some writing. The boys are (finally) in bed. And I have a wee bit of blog guilt since I realize it's been a week since I posted last.


  • I have submitted the (hopefully) final draft of my novel to my publisher. Looking like a January release date. Whee!
  • Tim has been working crazy hours. I am very weary of being the heavy all the time. Elder boy has discovered his smart mouth (it was only a matter of time) and the battle to turn him into a gentleman (vs a serious brat) has begun. I will prevail. Oh, I will. But it may just kill me in the process.
  • We went swimming with my sister on Thursday. Guess who forgot to apply sunscreen? Guess who is rather crisp?
  • On the other hand, we made a new friend and will, hopefully, have a play date soon. So that's always fun.
  • I have a post in my brain about my older boy's extroverted nature and how he tries to make friends and gets rebuffed and how it hurts my heart and I hope that it will not eventually crush his spirit, but that will need to wait for another day when I can focus better.

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