October is Candy Awareness Month!

I feel like I've been deluged lately by notices that October is X Awareness month. It's breast cancer awareness month. It's Dwarfism Awareness Month (I wasn't aware there was an awareness month for that until yesterday when a friend whose family is affected mentioned it.) It's Infertility Awareness Month (and I've always found it rather bizarre that October is Infertility Awareness and November is Adoption Awareness), as well as a host of other pregnancy loss/complication awarenesses.

And as real and worth being aware of as 99% of these issues/causes are, I find the juxtaposition of some of them rather odd (see the above as an example.) Especially when, round these parts (and probably around most parts with kids) the sole purpose of October is Halloween Awareness Month.

The elder boy has been choosing his costume since November 1, 2011. It has changed mightily from day to day, though for the longest time the front runners were: Puss N Boots, Finn McMissile, Optimus Prime, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Thrown in there for good measure now and then have been Mr. Potato Head and a Storm Trooper. Other than the Potato Head (which I may try to get him to do in the future), I was drawing a real blank on putting any of those costumes together.

And then he heard that his little friend (who he currently plans to marry, unless her older sister will marry him, in which case he'll marry her) is going to be a princess. At that point, he immediately decided he would be a Knight.

You have no idea how much happier I am with the idea of a Knight. So I pounced and it's now a done deal (with a new sword to sweeten the pot and keep him on board). And the younger boy? He'll be a dragon. The Knight's pet dragon, I'm informed.

I think they're going to be pretty cute out there begging for candy.

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