Wonky Blogger Stats and Other Random

For whatever reason, it seems Blogger has totally killed my stats. Which means whereas I used to show that a small handful of people have come to my blog over time the past million years since I've been doing this (ok, not million, but I started this thing in 2004, when I was annoyed by Kerry's campaign speech, then it sat for a bit and picked up for real in April of 2005. Thats...a long time. Wow. And now I hardly ever say things about how annoying Obama's speeches are. Mostly because I've pretty much given up thinking that the people in this country have any clue what's good for them and are just going to vote for someone because they can't be bothered to engage their brain and think. Honestly, sometimes I really do despair for what my children are going to inherit. Especially if things don't change in November.) /minor political rant.

As I was saying, the stats used to have happy little mountains showing that yes, hey, there have been people here. And now? Now there's a flat line. My blog has flatlined. Except I know that's not completely true because I've had some conversations and emails from folks who still check in here and there (plus, really, why would all of the past 7 years have flatlined? Did Blogger invent a time machine and go back to erase everyone who ever came here?) Blogger...just one more reminder that you get what you pay for. Ahem.

I'm trying to be better about blogging again. I'll admit that between busy-ness and the funk that has been following me around, blogging has taken a back seat. But then I realized that, hello, outlet? So yeah. I'm trying. Outlets are good.

The reading list needs another update - it's on my list (speaking of busyness), but I'm sad to say I don't think I'll hit 120 like I did last year. On the other hand, I wrote two books this past year (well, one was partially finished but needed serious rewriting, the other started from scratch) and started another two, so I'll call it a reasonable trade. As it is, right now I'm reworking my way through the Harry Potter books and enjoying them immensely, yet again. The movies were good, I'll admit, but the books really are so much better. (When is this not the case?)

I'm starting up a through the Bible in 120 days in November with the Facebook group that did it at the end of last year. I'm pleased to have 30 extra days (we did 90 days last time and it was a tad rough in points) but (referencing busy-ness again) I'm a tad worried about keeping up. Plus, we're doing a chronological reading plan and I can't say that's ever really held much appeal. But hey, why not?

We're doing Beth Moore's Daniel study in our small group at church right now. I've never done a Beth Moore study and am finding I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Not sure (other than that she says "Ladies") why it's billed as a women's study, but the guys in the class don't seem to mind.

With that, I'll leave you with this final thought: the Boyscout's Kettle Corn (pop it yourself at home) is awesome.

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Jen said...

I love Beth Moore's Daniel study. So good.

On the Blogger stats thing - I wonder was readers do to that? If a person has you loaded into their reader thingy, does that hit your stat counter? Not that I use a reader, I am old school and use my blog roll, but it is a thought I've had since I know my sister uses a reader to access her favorite blogs.

I'm a bit worried about the Bible reading, too. But obedience is often hard, I keep telling myself. And I need to spend more time in the Word, so yeah, let's go.