Merry PC-ness

Last night I logged on to check my school email (as I'm prone to do of an evening) and found therein a message from all the department chairs and deans - subject: Happy Holidays.

Now, I'm not overly concerned with people saying Happy Holidays. There are many holidays this time of year - you've got Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and EID plus those weird ones among us who have actually glommed on to Seinfeld's Festivus as if it's a real thing and celebrate it. Throw in the winter solstice and New Year's and, well, there are many holidays and I do hope whichever you happen to celebrate are happy. (That said, if I say "Merry Christmas" to you, I hope you'll have the grace to simply smile and nod if Christmas isn't your preferred celebration because hey, I'm not going to correct you about whatever you're saying.)

Point being, I wasn't immediately offended when I saw the subject. Opening it, I found a happy little mp4 file to download and watch. I did so. And that's when I got offended.

See, said video had a cheery little tune that was not any particular holiday theme and it was dancing animated photos sliding hither and yon with Menorahs, Stars of Davids, Dreidels, Kwanza candle stick things surrounded by corn and...Santa and his sleigh. Nary a Nativity to be found.

Now, I ask you, if Santa is all that embodies Christmas, then why in the, pardon me, HELL, do people care if I say Merry Christmas? How does a fat man in a red suit offend anyone? (Except Michelle Obama who would, of course, say he's more dangerous than a terrorist since fat is the new terrorism.)

I'll give you your made up holidays from the 60's. I'll give you the celebrations of oil for lamps not running out. You need to give me the courtesy of a stable and a manger. If you feel the need to throw in flying venison and velour-clad men, fine, but holy moly, if you're going to be all PC at least have the decency to include all the people you're hoping not to offend.

I've not yet decided if I'm going to say something. I suspect discretion is the better part of valor and so forth, but I'm just this side of livid I'm so annoyed.

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Lynellen said...

Flying Venison. That's perfect! The world does not have enough flying pigs nor flying venison.