Well, Then

I ought to just rename this the once-monthly random and very uninteresting posting blog and be done with it.

Regardless, first, I hope everyone had a good Palm Sunday and took a few minutes, at least, to consider what it was that the Triumphal Entry meant, and means.

Beyond that, here is a brief summary of life these past weeks.

Let's see - in our small group at church, we've finished up a study of Daniel. It was a very good, in-depth study and all seemed to not only learn a great deal but enjoy it as well. I liked the fact that it was DVD driven, giving me a small break every other week from doing all the lesson prep (we watched a DVD one week, talked about it the next. Thus stretching a 12 week study into 24, but it worked out really well and we had some good discussion.) Up next we'll be studying The Screwtape Letters. It's on the edge of acceptable to me for small group study materials (being fiction) but you can't deny the spiritual applicability, and I was marginally appalled to realize that the gross majority of the class had not, in fact, ever read them.

My second book releases in two weeks. I'm excited, but perhaps a bit less so than I was about the first. Not because it isn't incredibly cool to have a book coming out (it is!) but, well, I'll admit that having them out there has made me considerably less prone to wanting to blog here. And I suspect that'll only continue. And I miss the outlet this used to provide.

On that note, there is much going on in my head that I would love to use this forum to process and/or vent about, but I won't. Sufficient to say that if you're of a praying nature, I could use some. (Note: nothing horrible is going on, so you needn't be worried. It truly is just in my head.)

Elder boy continues to grow - both in stature and mind and strong willedness. (Is that a word? If not, it totally should be.) Taming and channeling all of those continues to be both a joy and a frustration (by turns.) I'm glad he knows his own mind. I just wish it was more in line with my own more often.

Younger boy also continues to grow in those same veins - though he adamantly refuses to walk. Everyone tells me I'll be sorry when he eventually does, but I'll tell you, the sprained wrist from hauling his gigantic self around will not be sorry. Maybe it'll finally have a chance to heal.

My class this term is, thus far, going well (quick, knock wood). Of course it's early yet. I got a terrible review from a student last term whose sole complaint was that I was a horrible teacher and person for giving him a zero on an assignment that he copied. He said it was unconscionable that I would dare to label him a cheater. The only other student that took the time to leave feedback went on and on about how I went out of my way to help students. Which pretty much goes to show that reviews - in probably all areas of life - are so colored by ones experience that they're effectively worthless.

Or so I tell myself.

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