So Perhaps I Was a Tad Hasty

While I still give the MAWL a C+ as far as hotel accommodations go, the water park gets an A+++, so maybe that does even out to where the overall thing can be called Great.

We had breakfast at their buffet. It was about what you'd expect from a resort-esque breakfast buffet. They did do make to order omelets though, and that's always a winner with me. Elder boy was not overly willing to eat much but finally settled for eating a croissant. Younger boy inhaled oatmeal, fruit, sausage, and a waffle. So while he ate free and the elder boy cost money, in our case it worked out based on the quantity of food consumed.

Then it was off to the waterpark, which was as mentioned above, delightful. Younger boy had the best time splashing in anything he could get near. Elder boy was, at first, hesitant to do the slides, but with a meager bit of coaxing from daddy finally tried one they could go double on and...a slide fanatic was born. Younger boy and I didn't see much of them for the rest of the 3 hours we spent there this morning.

We grabbed lunch from the snack stand (and they do something to their hotdogs before cooking them that makes the skins slide right off. Super awesome.) Then I brought the young one up, changed him into dry and warm jammies and he gave a relieved look of "what took you so long" before dropping off to sleep. Elder boy and Tim just got back and, to show how much fun was had, elder boy just voluntarily went to lay down for a bit so he "has more energy to go back to the slides later."

I suspect Tim and the elder boy will go back to the water park later. Though there's also talk of purchasing the magic wand for whatever little magic quest adventure thingy they have here as well. And possibly some arcade tokens. Cause, hello, arcade!

Best part for me so far? Watching my boys have fun. But really, that's as it should be.


Rachel said...

I'm such a big kid. I heard Magic Water wand and thought to myself... I want one!

beth said...

The wand is really pretty cool.

Rachel said...

I will need a pic lol

Anonymous said...

Must confess that to me the only saving grace of TMAWL (and I love your name, btw) for my being dragooned there is the fact that they serve adult beverages at the snack bar.

But then, as my children inform me, I'm something of a crank.


beth said...

The adult beverages definitely help, that's for sure.

You may use the name as desired, of course!

I'm apparently something of a crank as well, having volunteered one too many times to hang out with the younger during nap time.