Scouts, Popcorn, and Other Musings

The eldest is in Cub Scouts this year. I'll admit to dithering a tiny bit about doing scouts after their decision to allow scouts to be openly gay. But to my current understanding, it's limited to the scouts themselves (so while still concerning, less so in terms of the leaders being that way and preying on the kids). Besides which, the hubs has committed to being involved for as long as the boys are interested. So at least for now, there's protection in place and at this level things should be relatively harmless. Except for the PC-ness inherent in the scout manual.

I get that they're trying to be inclusive for kids who are in scouts without a dad (either with mom or some other adult who's trekking along so the kid has the opportunity to be in scouts) - however there has to be a better phrase to use than "adult partner." Every time either hubs or I read about "you and your adult partner" we both squirm. It's just...horrible. If nothing else, "adult helper"? Could we go with that?

Anyway. As he's in scouts, we got the joy of selling popcorn. Yay. Do you feel the excitement? Yeah, so did we. We sold a little, but hands down I think I'll be choosing to just pay the dues in future years cause really....it's expensive, mostly stale when you get it, and it takes for-freaking-ever to arrive. As in people ordered in early September and I just got it to deliver yesterday. That's a long time to wait for stale popcorn.

Regardless, the kiddo seems to enjoy it thus far (though he prefers Den meetings over Pack meetings. I'm afraid he takes after his mother a bit too much when it comes to eschewing large gatherings of people in one place.) I like the fact that it's exposing him to a larger group of kids - with a good mix of home schooled, public schooled, Christian and not. All in tiny bites as opposed to the rigamarole of eight hours a day five days a week he'd have to deal with were he in public school.

But I'll admit that it warms my heart when he says he prefers Awana.

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