Virtual Friends Are Like Dead Puppies

Which is to say, not much fun.

It's that time of year when everyone is getting together with all their friends and sharing photos of the gatherings and tagging one another to talk about how awesome everyone is and...I am Charlie Brown.

I have friends - a small handful of them - they just don't happen to live anywhere near me. The closest is about 30 minutes away, which would be totally doable if she didn't have six kids ranging from 16 to 5 and a mixture of homeschooled and private schooled. Throw in that the ones closest to my kids ages are in the private school end of things and...we never see each other.

My friend who lived just a few minutes away moved to Georgia last year. I hate Georgia.

And they  just get farther away from there.

It's annoying and causes entirely too much self-pitying boo-hooing. But hey, that's why they invented blogging, isn't it?

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Rae said...

Sending you virtual hugs since I'm far away...