Nothing to See Here But a Little Whine

If I had actual friends who did not live inside a computer or who were not always so busy with their own lives that I never got to talk to them (which really, if that's the case, are they friends? Or does it bump them down to acquaintance?) I would call them and gripe instead of posting. Yeah.

Last June, for my parent's 50th, I gave them a Keurig. Now, they're not coffee people, but mom likes hot tea and cocoa and they have enough guests drop by that I thought hey, this is an easier way to offer them a hot beverage. Mom agreed, and thus the thing was purchased (so it was with her blessing.) It came home to my house today because, apparently, she never uses it, it's too hard to figure out, and on and on and on and okay, fine, all her reasons are valid, but it really feels like yet another "No good deed goes unpunished" situation. Yes, we drink coffee here. But I have a coffee maker that I love. And I grind my beans fresh. Cause I'm a coffee snob. And really, at the end of the day, my feelings are hurt because I thought it would be nice and easier for her than standing in front of the microwave (she's not really great at standing these days. Chemo is hell on soft tissue.)

We had a day in terms of homeschooling today. And I would normally have just punted and said we'd try again tomorrow, but we had two punt days last week and so sometimes you just have to muscle through. But all the people who I know in real life are not only not pro-homeschool, they're decidedly anti-homeschool and public school teachers to boot. So I wouldn't even get a passing "there, there, it'll be okay", any frustration about homeschooling is met with a lecture about why it's a terrible thing and I'm damaging my children by choosing it. And really, there's nothing quite so awesome as getting crapped on when you already feel like poo.

And so it goes. And yeah, I know, this too shall pass. But I can't help thinking it'd be nicer, and probably pass more easily, if there was someone besides me who cared.


Anonymous said...

Fresh bean grinders UNITE! And may I just put in a plug here for the Mayorga Cafe Cubano? Best. Coffee. Evah.


beth said...

Love the Mayorga! Though I also rotate through Wegmans Donut Shop and the Costco stuff with the Jaguar on the front (I can never remember the name, if they change the packaging, I"ll be hosed.)