Well Then, Where Were We?

Didn't mean to drop off the edge of the earth there (again) - really I'm planning on being back here somewhat more frequently. But no, I did not knock myself unconscious for an entire week with the broom handle (though really, it was a near thing.)

Let's see - over the past week, we've had the stomach flu hitting up the Sleepy home (hubby and the elder boy are, so far, the only victims. Fingers crossed that youngest and myself have avoided the nastiness. I tend to have a more solid constitution when it comes to stomach things so... we shall see.)

I also finished up my latest book (well, the initial draft of it) and have sent it off to my critique partner. When she gets it back to me, I'll shoot it off to my editor. I read through it again last night (ostensibly I was editing, but at this point my eyes are too accustomed to it. I made a few tweaks but mostly just had an enjoyable time reading it. So, it entertained me. And really, that's about the only person an author can guarantee their work will satisfy.)

I got suckered into a Facebook fingernail party (these "wraps" for your nails - I guess if you're too lazy to use nail polish? Or you don't like it?) Anyway, it's been rather amusing. I bought some because, well, it's like a Pampered Chef thing, if you like the friend who invited you (I do) then you want to buy something so they get hostess points to get free stuff. Am I going to become a nail wrap aficionado? I can't see it being overly likely. In fact, I'm fairly certain that when the things arrive it's going to be a comedy of errors when I attempt to apply them. I nearly laughed myself silly when the first post talks about how "You probably already have everything you need to apply your wraps" and then goes on to list the following:

  • Nail scissors
  • Nail clippers
  • Buffer block
  • Orange sticks
  • Rubber cuticle pusher
  • Nail file
Of those, I own nail clippers. I know what a nail file is. The rest? It's a mystery. What's the difference between nail scissors and nail clippers? Why would you have (or need) both? What on God's green earth is a "buffer block"?? To me, this is a unit of measuring how quickly your Netflix loads when streaming. Or something similar. Orange sticks? Is that the color? Will any stick, painted orange, work? (I'm guessing no. It's unlikely to be color related. So it's...a stick from an orange tree? But for what?) Rubber cuticle pusher - I can imagine what this is, but why would anyone own one?

I am clearly not girly enough to use these things (which I tried to explain to my friend when she invited me, but she said it was fun. I'm still waiting on that part.) Regardless, I'll take my list off to the dollar store (they'll have all that there, right? Or should I try Target?) and spend an hour in the pharmacy aisle trying to find the things.

Inevitably I'll hurt myself with at least two of them.

I'll keep you posted.

And that's been my week. Awesome, no?

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