Just Keeping You On Your Toes

I'd like to say there's a plan to posting and then disappearing and then posting again but, alas, there isn't. Really it all boils down to having very little of interest to say (honestly, you don't care about potty training. I know this. For what it's worth, the three year old doesn't seem to care all that much about it himself. Though we've made enough progress I'm calling him "trained", we just still have accidents when there's something more interesting to do than pay attention to such things.)

Beyond that, the grass is showing signs of wanting to green up. The maple trees are spewing forth their pollen making me miserable. And robins are hopping about on the lawn. All signs point to spring.

I've started watching Blue Bloods on Netflix - enjoying it quite a bit (for all I'm three episodes in) - though I found episode 3 rather jarring as the word "forthwith" reared its head not once, not twice, but three times. How many New York City cops actually use the word forthwith, I ask you? I'll forgive them and watch more because, well, Tom Selleck. But really. Forthwith? This isn't Downton Abbey.

Speaking of Downton, I never could get into that - tried for a bit. Decided it wasn't worth it. And really did a little happy dance to see their next season is their last. One less annoying thing to fill up my Facebook "news" feed. (Now if only we could get football to decide on a final season, all would be well.)

In other TV-like news, we've tried an episode of The Walking Dead (too creepy for me, though I suspect I'd enjoy it if I could get past that. Hubs will probably watch it at some point, though of the two of us, he rates TV watching somewhere around the same priority as lint rolling the carpet.) We've tried two episodes of Breaking Bad (not opposed to watching more, but as with TWD, so incredibly not child friendly that it could only happen after bedtime and, well, TV doesn't hit a lot of priority once that happens.)

Finally, I'd been enjoying the fact that House Hunters International had a "selected favorites season" on Netflix as it's a nice "mommy needs to relax for 30 minutes" show that I generally don't mind having on now and again. Except that the majority of the episodes that made the cut are gay couples and, while I'm happy for them to go off and buy houses internationally, those aren't the episodes I want to have showing when my impressionable kids are hanging out in the room. So instead it's been Man v Food and Good Eats. Nothing wrong with either, but they're starting to rank right up there with Mickey Mouse in terms of things I have watched too often.

And now I will resume radio silence until next time.

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