How to be an Adult in Two Easy Steps

So you may have seen the surge in people talking about "adulting" -- specifically how "adulting is hard." I'm going to skip over my thoughts on adding -ing to words in order to make them actions other than to say that I don't consider "adulting" a thing any more than I consider "Bething" a thing (though I guess one would consider that the act of being Beth, right?)

Regardless, having now been an adult for upwards of 23 years, I thought I'd share my easy two-step plan for adulting:

1. Recognize that not everything in life is about you.
2. Go about your business with step 1 firmly in place at the front of your thoughts.

So really, to summarize: adulting is not hard if you are not a narcissist. If you'd like to raise a future generation that has less trouble with being an adult than you are having, please raise them with a strong sense of personal responsibility and an understanding that there is more to the world than their own personal happiness.

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