Car Conversations with the Doodles

Driving around with kids is never boring. Here for your enjoyment are some of the recent conversation starters that have occurred whilst driving about with the boys.

"I think in Brazil they've invented a jetpack. I read it somewhere."

"Do we eat only girl chickens or are there boy chickens that we eat too?"

"Do tanks have air bags?"

"Why is it called yogurt?"

"How high would you have to jump on the moon to get into space?"

"Why are oranges orange? And why don't we call lemons yellows?"


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Good times, good times.

    Not to get all Uncle Robbo-ish, but enjoy them. Before you can say "snap", you're going to have sullen, broody adolescents, from whom you'll be lucky to get more than an "Uh". (At least, though, I believe you'll be spared the emotional - and very vocal - rollercoaster that is the teenaged girl, so at least there's that.)

  2. Oh I do enjoy it. I look up more random facts on a given day that I wonder how parents before the Internet managed it. (I'm guessing there was a lot of "I don't know" -- and I'm realizing it's why we owned several encyclopedias. I was forever being told to look stuff up in them.)

    As for the drama...the 10yo is so dramatic now that I am praying fervently that he outgrows it before hormones really kick in. Because dang.

    It is startling how fast the years fly - I could swear they were both babies two seconds ago.