Paging Mr. Mom

So this afternoon began the first of three separate trips to the eye doctor for the Sleepy Family. (Fun fact: our eye doctor has decided that they will no longer see more than 2 people from a family on a given day. Why? No idea. But thus the 3 days of appointments.)

Since wrangling children while trying to get ones eyes examined is neither particularly easy nor pleasant, I scheduled hubs and myself individually and will take the boys together tomorrow. Today was my turn.

My appointment was at 4. Hubs was able to get home without any issues (which is kind of a minor miracle), so I was off and got there about five minutes early. The waiting room was packed. No biggie, I had a book (never leave home without one), so I settled in to read. I finally looked up about 4:40 and hmmed quietly in my throat.

We tend to eat right around 5. I'd thought that a 4pm appointment should get me home in plenty of time to manage supper -- even if it meant it was 5:30. But, since I hadn't even had the pre-exam eye puff, I decided I'd best text Tim. What ensued is perhaps the most hilarious exchange we've had in a while.

Me: We are having spaghetti for dinner if you want to start the big pot of water boiling. Once it's boiling, you dump in about half the box of noodles.

Tim: The silver pot?

Me: Then they boil about 5 minutes. Yes. The big silver pot. Then you can put sauce straight from the jar onto the noodles (Editor's note: no, we're not fancy.) Cause I'm not going to get home before the minions are staaaarving.

Tim: There are two strainer looking things in here.

Me: The small one is a steaming insert. Take it out. Leave the other one in.

Tim: How much water do I put in here? Up to the ridge?

Me: <having no idea what ridge> Sure.

Tim: Lid on? Or Off? How high should the heat be?

At this point, I was getting my eye exam and didn't see it until after when I was choosing new frames and settling up.

Tim: Eldest claims it's the whole box I should put in. You said half. I'm going with that.

Me: How'd it go?

Tim: Do I pull the noodles out before I put sauce on? I mean, where should the noodles be when I dump the jar?


Tim: Good to know. Where do I put them?

Me: Big bowl? Or on plates. You pick.

After that, I was walking out to my car and just called. He seemed to get a handle on it from that point out. I asked eldest how it was (once I was home) and he said, "A lot like yours, but there's no meat."

My reply? Yeah, I didn't think dad was quite up to browning hamburger first yet. We'll get him there.

In point of fact, I might just skip teaching hubby and teach the boys. Then they can make the spaghetti if I'm going to be home late.

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