Truth in Advertising

This morning, I called my insurance company.

I had questions about why our copay had, effectively, quadrupled from last year when we didn't change plans or service providers. (Yes, yes, I realize it's June. I'm half-way through the year and I knew the copay had gone up six months ago when I was first hit with it, but with one thing and then another, I didn't really care enough to deal with the insane bureaucracy and automated phone system that's determined to keep you from finding a live person to ask your question. But now that our entire FSA has been demolished by said copay, it got pushed to the top of the queue pretty fast.)

Once I finally got a person on the phone (to be fair, this wasn't quite a horrible as it has been in the past), I explained my question. She hemmed. She hawed. She put me on hold so she could do some research. When she came back maybe ten minutes later, she explained that last year we'd been on a PPO plan, and that wasn't one that was offered anymore, so the closest approximation of the plan was the one we're currently on. After hearing that, I did briefly recall discussing something along those lines with hubs in October.

So okay, fine. Just for clarification, I asked, if it's not a PPO, what is this plan called?


Yes. Yes it is.

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