On Things That Go Boom

Happy belated 4th of July!

We started our little celebration with lunch at my folks' house. On the drive over, we quizzed the eldest on what exactly the purpose of July 4th was. I'm grateful he got most of it right. He forgot Thomas Jefferson's first name, and the stamp act (but honestly, half the time I forget the stamp act so...) It was fun to hear him reference Johnny Tremain, one of the books I made him read this year and that he haaateeedddd....for about three chapters and then he loved it. Which I knew he would if he'd just give it a chance.

Dad, as usual did a lovely job grilling ribs and corn. And it was a good visit. Mom was perky enough for almost two hours, which was good as well.

My sister and I did a little shopping after lunch for my dad's birthday gifts (his birthday is Sunday and while he never wants anything, there are some things we've noticed he needs so he can just deal.)

We spent a lazy afternoon with eldest typing up a list of fireworks in the preferred order for lighting and he and his little brother setting off smoke bombs (which are always better done during the daylight.) We also made strawberry ice cream.

Thinking I was being sneaky, I used a sugar substitute for the ice cream, totally forgetting that it makes the stuff freeze harder than stone. So when the in-laws arrived (an hour earlier than they'd said they would. They're usually late. I was... unhappy.), I had to nuke the ice cream to make it scoopable.

At least it tasted good.

Then it was finally time for things that go boom. Eldest's list was fun, and he enjoyed setting things up in order and helping to light fuses. Youngest was desperate to see what they looked like after exploding, so we pulled a few apart when all was said and done and poked at the remains a bit.

All in all, it was an enjoyable way to celebrate freedom and I went to bed praying that people might end up remembering that there's a reason America is what it is and not whatever socialist monstrosity they'd like to turn it into.

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