On Halloween

Happy Halloween.

It's fascinating to me this year how many of my Christian writer friends are posting article after article about how anyone who loves Jesus can't celebrate Halloween.

I sort of get it. I mean, obviously, there's a possibility for evil there. But realistically? It's putting on a costume and going around asking neighbors for candy. Period.

That's certainly all it is in our house, and I just don't think it's a slippery slope that leads to satanism. (See also: I don't believe reading Harry Potter will automatically get you involved in witchcraft.) Honestly, if my mom was ok with trick or treating, it's hard for me to think it's anything other than harmless. She was incredibly discerning.

But to each their own.

Eldest has decided he's not dressing up. I'm a tad sad about this. It seems early, although I don't think I went out after sixth grade, so it's only a year sooner. Still, he's excited about handing out candy with me (and also hoping to play some Halloween special thing in Fortnite. We'll see about that. I've made no promises.)

Youngest has his x-wing pilot suit and helmet ready to go and is chomping at the bit to be Poe Dameron for the evening (although I suspect he will wear his costume all day. Because he dresses up for at least part of most days, so really why should today be any different?)

The boys both carved their pumpkins by themselves this year. Another sort of sad event. I guess I'll have to get my own pumpkin next year, because I do love carving a silly face. Eldest went straight up triangles and square teeth. Youngest used a pattern, but it's still a pretty traditional pumpkin face. I think they'll be lovely additions to the front stoop.

Beyond that, I'm looking forward to seeing all the kiddos who come round. I bought way more candy than is sane - and none of it is peanut free (partly because I buy candy we like and that pretty much guarantees peanuts, and partly because I did mean to buy one small nut free bag but just straight up forgot.) Hopefully Tim will have time to peek in the shed for the Burger King King head, our traditional costume for door answering.

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