Saturday/Sunday Sonnet Spectacular

The poetry contest this weekend (and I'll go ahead and accept entries through Monday as well since I'm so late posting this) - with the title of Poetry Potentate up for grabs, is....Sonnet Writing!

To find out how to write a sonnet, I recommend going here.

I haven't written an example as of yet, so I will leave you instead with a link to one of my favorites (by Shakespeare, of course, #29). Here.


Dane Bramage said...

Well beth I said I would defend my title and I will. I didn’t think it would entail learning all these poetry forms. Sheesh. Had I known that I wouldn’t have opted out of all the Freshmen English courses in college. Well here is my offering. But I draw the line at Epic Poems!

At long legs end majestically they wait
With digits each an eternity long,
The balls and arches and heels set your gait,
Soles impressions left in sand and song.

Enveloped in shrouds of cotton and wool,
Locked in coffins of rubber and leather,
The steel-toed tombs constrict and smother full
Sealed against cold and inclement weather

In work, in leisure, they behave the same,
A Hundred steamy glands producing sweat
This flood of salty perspiration blame,
For feet odiferous and socks made wet.

You bare your soles because we’re friends I think,
So wash them please because they really stink.

I call it “Ode to My Best Friend’s Feet Which Stink”

Lynellen said...

VERY good!

Anonymous said...

Here's Goes....and it probably sucks compared to Dane's:

I stare at your porcelain white
The many buttons adorned
My eyes amazed at the sight
I should have been aptly forwarned.

In back of the truck you now sit
Great joy builds within my frame
With thoughts of an aggitating fit
No more will I see piles of shame.

I place you next to your twin
And excitedly push button "on"
You wizz and purr with each spin
My dirty laundry is gone.

But now I can never escape
My duty as mother and wife
My days off sadly take shape
As laundry takes over my life.

Curse you oh Lowe's of material lust,
My new washing machine was a must!

That was "Ode to my Washing Machine that Never Stops"

Cinthia said...

Wow, you guys are so good! I couldn't even dare compete...

Lynellen said...

Embrace Happiness, Harmony, and Dreams
In silky lotions, sugar scrubs, and mists.
Embrace Romance and Today in wash creams
That delicately scent your comely wrists.

The hues of ripe berries stain your plump lips
With “Apple Berry”, “Shell” and “Black Cherry”.
A matching color shades your finger tips
To “Red Hot”, “Mystic Mauve”, and “Rich Berry”.

Your chiseled cheek bones glow in Sunny Spice.
Your eyes look sweet under Cotton Candy.
Sugarplum and Rose Mist are twice as nice.
Your Satin Hands are velvet and dandy.

With Mary Kay cosmetics old and new,
Love is a many splendid thing for you.

The Family Man said...

Oh the challenge to write a great sonnet
Thrown down by the fair maiden Beth
Has inspired me to get on it
As failure would be worse than death.

So with great endeavor and passion
I compose with great style and wit
Words that just may somehow fashion
An entry not stinky as…….

Oh! Of my trials and labors
The minstrels will sing of for years
And if you should ask of my neighbors
They will tell you of all of my tears.

As you see from the words I’ve detailed
My quest in Beth’s challenge has failed.