The "Smithy Code" Cracked

Apparently in Englad, you don't have to give up your sense of humor when you become a judge. I think including ones own version of the DaVinci Code in a ruling on the DaVinci Code is rather humorous. I'm sure there are people who are blathering on about unprofessionalism, but really, did it hurt anything? No. Was it hillarious? Absolutely. The fact that it almost got passed off as random typos makes it even more so. Though I suppose I should also point out that just because a judge did it in Englad, doesn't mean the gnostics were right.

In related news, I'm waiting for Robbo to give us gratuitous Royal Navy Geekery to explain the significance of the Smithy Code.

Update: Apparently one must only ask a llama.


  1. Thanks for the answer! I always meant to find out but never got around to googling it :).

  2. Very welcome. :) I was curious enough to look around, but not curious enough to find out the Navy Geekery bit, so I was pleased that Robbo had something to offer. Rather interesting, actually.