Well, Pixar has done it again. Not that I'm surprised, mind you - I don't think there's been a Pixar movie yet that has disappointed. We saw Cars Saturday afternoon with some friends and their 3 year old little girl. (I will say that apparently the lack of princesses and unicorns did diminish her enjoyment mightily. Now, I'm not sure exactly where you put princesses and/or unicorns into a movie about cars, but...I can kind of see the disappointment if you're really expecting to see them. So if you're going with little ones, do try to make sure they understand that, amazingly, a movie called Cars is about, well, cars.) Oh, and it's 2 hours to the dot, so you might make sure they can actually sit still and quiet for 2 hours. (Maybe even 2 and a half just to help out the adults who are going to see the movie.)

That aside (and for the record, I didn't notice the lack of princesses or unicorns - it had to be pointed out), it was a funny movie, with some really good morals about not being selfish and learning the importance of treating others with dignity and respect. There was lots for the adult audience but nothing in poor taste - just things that kids wouldn't necessarily pick up on, like the tow truck being named Mater. You know, Tow Mater? And the rock formations in the valley that Rte 66 went through being shaped like car noses with hood ornaments or the rear ends of '57 Chevvys spearing up into the air.

Even as one who doesn't particularly care for NASCAR, I enjoyed the racing scenes. And the cast. Oh the cast! They chose perfect voices for each of the characters - not sure which came first, but the match-ups were spot on. And do stay for the end - as the credits are rolling, they show the cars at the drive in theater watching such classics as "Toy Car Story" and "Monster Truck" (other Pixar movies, but with cars as the characters...see?) and the mailman from Cheers (his name always escapes me), who has been in all of them and is in Cars as well, has hillarious commentary.

Cars gets 5 steering wheels out of 5.


  1. I concur. We took our boys 6 and 3 to see it last week and they really enjoyed it. Brian and I did too.

    Funny though with two boys we didn't get any complaints about the lack of unicorns and princesses.
    We will definitely be picking this up on DVD the day it comes out.

  2. I have a feeling it will be added to our DVD collection as soon as it comes out as well. :)

    Glad the boys didn't miss the princesses or unicorns. Can't say I missed them much myself, but then, it's been a long time since I was addicted to My Little Ponies (which is this girl's current obsession.)

  3. Cliff Clavin is the mailman from Cheers.

  4. I considered taking the nephews to see it but only one of them could sit through it and even he would probably talk over it. He's a little comedian and is learning that people laugh at funny comments. (I have no idea where he would get such a notion) unfortunately he hasn't mastered timing, or the indoor voice. And his idea of funny, well it's 5 years old.

    But I have heard nothing but good things about this film. Nehring gushed all over it so I may drag the little monster to see it yet.

  5. Cliff Clavin is the mailman from Cheers.

    a.k.a. Johnn Ratzenberger

  6. Cliff! That's it, thanks Jen - and Dane, cause I don't think I ever knew his real name. He's just the mailman. :)

    Dane, you should definitely take the rugrats - they'd love it and believe me, if you go during a matinee, no one is going to notice one more kiddo talking in an outside voice. :) There was that aplenty when we went, but honestly the movie is so engrossing that if you're not needing to tend a little one of your own, it's very easy to ignore those that do need tending.

  7. I've never taken my 4-year-old to a movie before. Sounds like he would enjoy this one! :) We might give it a shot.

  8. I haven't seen it but I am looking forward to it :).

  9. Michelle, I definitely think he'd enjoy it :) And I imagine you would as well!

    Rach - does it come out in the same time frame down there or do you have to wait and wait and wait?

  10. It's just come out over here Beth. It usually depends on the movie as to whether we have to wait for it...

  11. I agree!. We enjoyed it as well. For the record though. She wanted the porche (one of the 2 female characters) to play with once we went home. Instead she and the iwfe bought Daddy a rip cord "Snot Rod" from the movie, which is being "parked" in her room! I think i got to try once ...to shoe her how to play with it!.
    So yeah, part 2 needs to have more love bugs and pink corvettes for her but i loved it!