Because no one should be forgotten

Louis V. Fersini, Jr.
Killed at the World Trade Center, 9/11/2001
Age 38

A resident of Basking Ridge, NJ, Louis was a bond broker by trade but more importantly he was a family man. He met his wife at St. John's University. While she thought he just asked her out as friends, he quickly made his other intentions clear and his romantic gestures soon won her heart. By all accounts he frequently brought his wife flowers for no reason and enjoyed coaching his four boys' hockey and soccer games and leading their Boy Scout troop.
His family seems to have defined his life and very little other information is available on the Web. Louis Fersini is one of the many victims of 9/11 whose remains were not found.
This memorial is part of the 2,996 project and will stay at the top until September 12.


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    What a beutiful tribute. No one should be forgotten and now that we are all reading about their lives I believe we truly will never forget!

    Mine is up too.

  2. Nicely done, Beth.