Book Review: Angels Fall

The second book I've read this vacation is Angels Fall by Nora Roberts. (Gosh, it's starting to sound like a school essay...in fact, my typical "What I Did During Summer Vacation" essays were rife with books that I devoured. And if I could find half of them still in print, I'd be elated. This is why I now spurn libraries...I want to own Hildy and the Cuckoo Clock, but can only find it for upwards of $200 these days, and then there are the books about the twins who are in all different countries but that's all I can remember and thus there's little chance of ever re-finding them. Then there's The Mummy Market and while the TV movie "Trading Mom" was cute-ish and sort of true to the plot, the book is oh so much better. I did manage to score a relatively cheap ($60) copy of Go To The Room of The Eyes and also The Return of the Twelves, so I'm not completely bereft, but I wish I had all of those old favorites lurking on my shelves for an occasional romp back into childhood.)

This is one of her stand alone mystery/romances. Much more into the story and much less about the romance. These are the books of hers that I tend to enjoy more than any others. It tells the story of Reece Gillmore, a former Bostonian chef who, after a traumatic event, leaves on an "adventure" to try and get herself back together. She ends up in Angel's Fist, Wyoming where she takes a job as a short order cook at the local diner. On her day off, she witnesses a murder, but only the local writer (handily, a hunky young guy) believes her. The rest are skeptical, thinking that she's relapsing into the mental problems she had after the trauma. What follows is a fun and at times suspensful ride to uncover the truth, catch the murderer, find herself, and fall in love.

It's a good, quick read with the usual well developed characters and plot you expect from Nora Roberts.

4.5 stars out of 5.


Susie said...

I love most all of Nora Roberts' books. I also prefer the ones that focus more on the story than the gushy lovey stuff. Thanks for reviewing this one - I'll have to check it out.

jenspeaks said...

I read this while in the hospital in December. It was a nice way to pass some really boring and stressful time.

Rach said...

Great reviews!

Gwynne said...

With a review like that, I may just have to pick up (and actually read) a Nora Roberts book...maybe this one! :-)

beth said...

Susie, it's a good read. And not too gushy.

Jen, I recall you mentioning it - it's been on my "to read" list for a while, but it certainly a good fluff book.

Thanks, Rach. :)

Gwynne, you could do worse. :) She's really a pretty good author -- and if you like mysteries, I highly recommend her series that she writes as JD Robb.