The End Is Near (Thank Goodness)

I'm rolling into the final countdown for this semester and it can't come soon enough. I have my last major project due on Sunday. I've done most of the work - well, except for the whole writing up the report aspect of it. I suspect that may end up taking more time than I'm expecting, though I should still be able to get it finished before the deadline. (It may or may not necessitate a day off on Friday, but I have a hard time seeing that as a bad thing.)

After this is in I have one other assignment. It's not due for another two weeks, but I'm already just about finished with it as it's a portfolio that we've been creating over the course of the semester. I'll just need to put in some information on this final two week mini-class (that ends on Thursday of this week) and I should be good to go with it.

And then I plan to cover all the furniture with sheets and turn off my brain until September. (Though really I can't do that completely - I need to start working on my idea paper and would really like to get a first draft in to my advisor by the end of August. We'll see.)

Regardless, I'm thrilled that the end of my final spring semester of coursework is nearing its end.


Susie said...

Congrats! I know you'll be pleased when this leg of the journey is over. :)

Gwynne said...

Now, how is it that you can do all of that when we're not looking? And you still have time for 3 novels in a weekend and some great blogging. You are a very talented woman!!

beth said...

Susie - oh yeah...very much looking forward to it.

Gwynne - you're sweet. Of course, I might have misrepresented the situation a tad -- it's my final spring semester of coursework, but I still have one more fall semester of coursework and then, of course, the dissertation...so it's not like I'm nearly finished or anything. :) And the reading? That's procrastination plain and simple.

Rach said...

Happy almost end of semester!