Hell's Kitchen: The Final Two (Spoilers Abound)

I actually watched Hell's Kitchen semi-live last night. (I turned it on after about 15 minutes had queued up on the DVR. This meant I could still skip the majority of the commercials, but that I would also know the outcome this morning having seen the episode rather than my usual stalking of various and sundry spoilers out there in the Internet. Of course, it turns out you need to queue up about 20 minutes if you want to skip all the commercials as I still had to sit through the commercials that come right after Gordon says he's made his decision. Normally I get to blissfully skip the commercials and find out right away rather than sitting like a loon and bouncing in my seat with anticipation while they try to convince me that I care about Oldsmobiles.)

Ok, that should be a long enough paragraph for the feed folks to avoid any spoilers accidentally. And hopefully it was enough for anyone else to realize that THERE ARE SPOILERS COMING, so look away now if you don't want to know!

First off, having the moms come was cute. And I loved Ramsay's little boy grin when he introduced his mom. Too cute. Though I was worried (several times, in fact) that Jen was fainting rather than just, petting the ground? stretching her knees?, with excitement. Seriously, I've never seen anyone react in that manner. But whatever. I definitely agree that her dish was the biggest "reinvention" of the classic dish in the challenge, so I thought it was fitting that she won. I was also amused at the contrast between this season and last with the shopping trip. They certainly didn't show Jen purchasing gifts for the other two - but the other two also didn't get all bent out of shape about it either. These final three just seem so much more mature than the final three last season. Of course, the fact that I'm still watching at this point this season (whereas last season I had rolled my eyes and washed my hands of the whole affair at this point) is a tribute to their talent and interest as people not just reality star wannabes.

I have to say that I would not want to work in a kitchen under Bonnie. She seems to have taken on a little too much Ramsay persona and doesn't seem to have been able to convey orders with authority without crossing the line into obnoxious. Though maybe obnoxious is what's needed, don't know.

Given this episode, I wasn't totally surprised to see Jen go. And honestly, given her performance stacked up against Bonnie's over the whole season...I can sort of see the rationale. Bonnie has shown more improvement, certainly. And there was the whole garbage-girl incident. Plus, realistically? Jen's defense of why she should be there was not really motivating or convincing - the other two did a good job (I thought) of explaining why they deserved to be in the final two.

I thought it was wickedly hillarious how Ramsay toyed with Rock with the whole, "Rock...you've got to go..." - pan to Rock looking crushed and starting to tear up - "...to the finals." Hee! But I didn't think that there was a possibility that Rock wouldn't go to the finals at this point, because while the girls were essentially interchangeable (different pros and cons, but essentially the same number for each), Rock stood above both. Now I simply hope he can pull it all together and win. Cause Bonnie running a restaurant? Don't see it being successful.


Jay said...

I've had Rock pegged as the winner since almost the beginning of the season.

A few weeks ago I would never have expected Bonnie in the finals, but she came on strong. I originally had Melissa pegged as Rock's competition, until she self-destructed.

After that I figured Jen or maybe Julia. We lurve Julia, but she really did have weakness enough not to make the outcome surprising.

This week I was almost sure it would be Bonnie the whole episode, and I started believing it could be her if she did it right a couple weeks or so ago.

Rock's the one I'd want in charge, but the final four all did well; better than it seemed possible with such a sorry lot this season. Or bad editing to make them seem such a sorry lot.

Michelle said...

Bonnie is such a whiner! I couldn't believe her theatrics with cleaning the dorm. I think Rock should win.

That said, I still think Jen deserved to be in the finals over Bonnie, given the leadership was better.

Dawn said...

You know I don't know what I'm going to do when Hell's Kitchen is over...it's my sad (one of many) addictions....

I haven't been crazy about Bonnie but the Jen acted last night just turned me off....so I wasn't surpised to see a Rock and Bonnie finale....with in my opinion Rock winning it. Just my little ole 2 cents...

Hope you guys are doing good...how are the shelties doing :)

beth said...

Jay, I have to admit I was a little slow to get on the Rock bandwagon...but I've been there for a while now. He definitely shines compared to the other, erm, contestants. They did definitely foreshadow Bonnie over Jen this episode. And I, too, miss Julia.

Michelle - oh no kidding! I thought Rock handled the whining very well and I just laughed at her, "I'm hungry" and his "So eat something" - it's like *duh* you're a CHEF, presumably you can make PB&J.

Dawn - yeah, but the fall season will start up so there will be plenty of new things. I hope. :) Jen was a little offputting last night - I wonder if they do the editing with the outcome in mind to skew public opinion? The puppies are doing well - fruity as ever!