Weather is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

We've been having a spate of gorgeous weather here of late. The days have been starting out with that slightly damp, crisp cool that can do nothing other than smell of fall. It makes getting up early worth it, though I find myself sitting on the front step and letting the dogs sniff all their morning sniffs a little longer than strictly necessary. Even better would be to take a cup of coffee out there and just enjoy the morning noises for a little while - but the potential lovliness of that doesn't quite outweigh the desire to sleep, maybe this weekend.

What's even better is that the days have been ending the same way. So you can throw open the windows after supper and fill the bedroom with fall scents and deliciously cool air - it's perfect for snuggling under the covers.

Even the daytime has been lovely. Often around here we're plagued with steamy, hot Indian Summer days that belie the beautiful mornings and evenings as fall starts to creep in. Of course, you can't rule out the possibility that we're still due for that - but for now, it's getting up to (maybe) 75 during the day. Perfect for convertibles and walks out for lunch and finding reasons for meetings to be held out on the loading dock or under a tree somewhere.

I love fall - in all its wonderful stages: these beautiful beginning days while we're still awash in green and late blooms, the fullness of fall where were everything is a glorious mix of purples, oranges, and golds, and even the tail end where the barren trees seem to hunker down in preparation for the winter winds.

And if Tim ever gets done with his recent barrage of business travel, I fully expect our evenings to consist of a pot of tea out on the deck watching the puppies chase the last of the fireflies.

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Rach said...

That picture sounds beautiful - dog, deck, fireflies :).