What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Today is the first day of school for the children in our area. I remember being appalled by this when we moved up here (when I was 11) because previously we had started school about the 3rd week of August. It seemed decadent to be out of school until September. (Of course, that feeling of decadence quickly went away when I realized it meant that we'd still be in school in June. June! That was crazy to my mind - school always ended in May. And early May at that.

Despite all that, in honor of what will most likely be some form of assignment for the little ones in the next few days, I present to you my abbreviated version of the above titled essay. Though I'm actually going to just cover Labor Day Weekend.

(Yes. This is essentially a roundup of my very boring weekend. At least I'm trying to make it more fun for you, the reader.)


What I Did On My Summer Labor Day Vacation Weekend

Friday afternoon we finally started the Labor Day weekend. This is always good because it's a three day weekend and that means I didn't have to work on Monday. Any day I don't have to work is a good day in my book. It's also always bad. Why is it bad? Because apparently when there are three days off instead of just two people decide that they have to go somewhere and leave on Friday. This makes the normally bad traffic even worse. So I started my three day weekend with an extra hour in traffic on my way home. Yay!

Friday night Tim finally came home from his business trip to New England. I wish he got to go on business trips to Old England. Then I would go with him. And I would frolic about in the English countryside while he went to meetings. As it is, I have no desire to go to where he goes. Once he got home we ate pizza with friends. Then played Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s. I dare you to answer questions about 80s music while other, completely unrelated, 80s music is playing. It's considerably more challenging. It was a close game, but eventually all the cheating the boys did paid off for them and they won. Then we went home because the cats had been particularly loving to Tim and the only other option was for him to claw the eyes out of his head in search of relief.

On Saturday we slept in. Until the phone rang. It was my sister who was on vacation and needed to make sure her puppy was ok. I didn't tell her that we lost the puppy. (Mostly because we didn't lose the puppy. But if we had, I'm not sure I would have told her anyway.) She was annoyed because the puppy was letting us sleep in and she never gets to sleep in because the puppy wakes her up. I might have said something about it sucking to be her. I'm a little unclear as it was early for a Saturday morning and I was still mostly asleep.

Our Saturday was so exciting I can't remember what we did. I think Tim did homework all day. And we might have played some computer games. And I think we went to Office Depot for printer toner. And then dinner. And then the bookstore. Ahh...the bookstore. We got our free coffee. It was tasty. And free! (Free is good.) And it's much better than the old cafe they used to have, where the coffee tasted something like sludge. Only I think that might be kinda mean to sludge. Apparently it tasted better because it's the same as Starbucks, only it's Seattle's Best, but I'm told that really means Starbucks with slightly lower prices. Lower prices are good, too.

Tim was concerned slightly for the first 30 minutes or so because he wandered over to where I was browsing and I had no books. Usually when this amount of time has passed I have managed to collect a small pile of books that I then need to sort through to actually determine what gets to go home with me. I had a harder time this weekend. Not sure why. (Well, some of it is because they didn't have The Amber Spyglass in a binding that would match the other 2 in the series. Yes, it matters. Though mostly because the binding I have is the regular old paperback kind, so they only cost $7 instead of the "trade paperback" idiocy that costs $15. For the same book. The other part is that I thought Innocent in Death was out in paperback already but apparently it's not. See above statement about price differentials.) I did manage to find some things to read and so was able to use my 25% off coupon. I was surprised to see that the cashier dude (believe me, he needed the dude part added on there) actually applied the discount to my most expensive book. Thanks, cashier dude!

On Sunday my parents came down after church. Tim, dad and I played computer games while mom watched movies. Then Tim's family came and we grilled. And everyone ate and it was good. Then everyone left. I think they all had fun.

Yesterday Tim did homework and I finished a draft of my idea paper. My sister and brother-in-law came to pick up the puppy (who seemed very happy to see them) and we watched The DaVinci Code (more on that in another post...short review? Glad I didn't spend money on it.) Then we played computer games and the girls ran through the house making sure that they were, at last, finally the only four legged creatures in the house. There was great rejoicing.

Now I'm back at work. But it's a short week. Even shorter for me than for others because I'm off Friday (I'll be in Florida for school.) Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend (if, indeed, you had yesterday off) -- do anything fun?


Michelle said...

We worked on building closets in the office which will become another bedroom soon enough. And Sunday I did my booksigning, which went pretty well. Today, I am absolutely EXHAUSTED, as it was the first day of school. A great need for sleep! :)

Janie said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Rach said...

Glad you had a good weekend!