Slugging, Seminars, and Stuff

Since my seminar was downtown the past two days I slugged in. Given the delightful weather we've been having (it really is delightful - drizzly and cool - I wish it was this way all year!) the people in the area seem to have forgotten how to drive, so I was doubly glad to not have to deal with the roads on my own. I did, however, remember the three basic types of entertainment you get when slugging:

  1. The Book On Tape. This is kind of interesting but also frustrating because you hear about an hour of a book and have no idea what book it is nor where in the plot you are. This particular book was, I suspect, by Clive Cussler. I think I recognized the main character (Austin) and they were harvesting icebergs or something like that. Seriously, who else would write about iceberg harvesting? The other give away was that there were way too many similes flying around and I seem to recall that as a trademark of Cussler's writing. I'll poke around and see if I can figure out which one it was.
  2. The Smooooooth Jazzzzzz guy. (Seriously, almost always a man.) That was this morning - a guy in a white Jag. Nice ride. Snoozy music.
  3. WTOP - traffic and weather together on the 8s and a whole bunch of liberally biased crap news and commentary for the other 9 minutes out of 10.
There are others. But those are the major categories.

The seminar today was good, but I was very tired so had difficulty staying awake. Especially during the session on NAP. The title was too suggestive. There were very few jokes today too, I guess they gave up. The only two sayings that are worth mentioning are:

"Apple's idea of threat modeling is giving a whip to Kate Moss."


"It's a two-headed horse."

The last one I think, given the contexts in which it was used, is similar to a "double-edged sword." The sword makes more sense to me than the two headed horse. Though Tim suggested maybe they were trying to say it was a Pushmi-Pullyu.


Lynellen said...

I LOVE the "threat modeling" wise crack!

Robert the Llama Butcher said...

Wait, Smoooooth Jaaazzzz is bad? I generally listen to it on my way home instead of the nooz hour gasbags on WETA.

beth said...

I wouldn't say it's "bad" per se...just not what you need at 6 am to get you revved up for a day at work. :)

Stephen said...

Slugging? Is that a slow commute? I do that every day. :(