We Wanna Make Him Stay Up All Night

So last night, because lately I have apparently been going off my rocker completely, Tim and I were chaperones for the church youth group's lock-in. It was actually kind of fun, and I did manage to make it through the night though we left at about 6:30 (rather than 8 when it was officially over) to come and free the puppies (who were very confused about this whole being alone all night in the house thing.)

We played laser tag. I had only played on the street with our own little sets as a kid - never in a "real" laser tag place. It was...not particularly enjoyable honestly. I think if there had been fewer kids per game it might've been better, but there were 30 and that's just too many. You can't get away from them to find a place to hide and snipe or surprise people. It's just a big throng with everyone bumping into and shooting each other at point blank range. Bleh.

We also did cosmic bowling. (Bowling under disco lights with music.) That was much more enjoyable, though I will most likely forever be relegated to an average game of 85. I'd love to break 100 consistently (like Tim does) but I think my wrist is too weak. Still, there were a few strikes, so life is good.

After said activities we went back to the church to watch movies until morning. We watched Evan Almighty, which was not as bad as I thought it would be (it was semi-cute. I don't need to see it again, but there was minimal eye rolling.) Then we watched Transformers, which is still awesome. Even if the DVD was skipping quite a bit (not sure if it was the DVD or the player but that part did get old toward the end where you'd get 3 seconds of movie then hang/skip for 10 seconds and so on.)

Then we came home and went to sleep. And now it is time for homework.


Lynellen said...

If your bowling game is that important to you, i guess you could get a wrist thing that holds it immobile so that its your arm strength not your wrist strength :)

Jim said...

I think you're right about laser tag, it needs to be played with a group of 8-10 at most. It's a lot of fun then.

I guess no one told you that lock-ins are a tool of the evil one.

beth said...

Lynellen, I've actually tried that. Didn't really seem to help. I suspect what might actually improve my game is bowling more than once every two years. :)

Jim, no. No one mentioned that. Thanks for the heads up ;) Other than being delegated the official PDA Policewoman, it honestly wasn't too bad.

Rodmonster said...

It was fun!
Come On!
Pulling the kids off one another....breakin up the spats...eating so much junk you felt like popping...
i know you will be back with me next year!

Stephen said...

I've never done laser tag, but I think I would prefer paintball (which I love but don't get to play very often). I haven't done the 'cosmic bowling', but I do like regular bowling when I get the chance...which is also not very often. :D