Apparently I Spoke Too Soon

So yesterday, when I thought we were all on the mend, I was, apparently, jumping the gun. See, the little one managed to keep everything (even full-strength formula) down yesterday, and so I thought things were looking up. And so, thinking we were in the clear, we tried some rice cereal with dinner to attempt to get something in him that would fix up the other end issues. This, in turn, caused a re-visitation of exorcist baby, which continued well into the early hours of the morning.

And thus it was that I was on the phone with the advice nurse as soon as the pediatrician's office opened and an appointment with the usual doctor that we see was procured.

Turns out, there is such a thing as "post-viral gastroenteritis" (I think that's what he said - the post viral part is for sure). Anyway, it basically means you keep having the gastro issues even though the virus has worked its course. And it's one of these self-perpetuating things, because as the issues continue, you can't eat which then means you can't get rid of the issues. Yay. But, since this has been going on a week now and he's down 1/2 pound since Tuesday (when he was down a full pound already), we left with a prescription for Zofran to handle the nausea/vomiting (hopefully) and the correct dosage of Pepto for him to bind up the other end. If all goes well, he should be back to normal by Monday. (And if not, then it's yet another trip to the Ped.)

Pray for the kiddo, would you?

In other, only marginally related news, the Safeway pharmacy near us will be "Closed" on Christmas day. Not sure if that means they're pretending to be closed but are open in case of severe emergency or if they just don't know how to use quotation marks. I'm guessing the latter, but the sign was amusing enough that I nearly took a photo.


michellewillingham said...

Poor baby! We went through a week of that, and I thought the kid was never going to keep food down. It was hellish, but the ped. told us that some babies just don't do stomach flu well.

beth said...

I would like to find a kid that does do stomach flu well. Then we could bottle their immune system and make millions. :) Gah. If what you went through was anything like what we've been through this week, I feel for ya.

Jen said...

The Zofran will work and it might also bind him up (although it's a weird drug that will give you both constipation and diarrhea), so watch the Pepto use.