Turning the Corner

I think that we are all now on the road to recovery. There were several times last night where we almost packed everyone into the car and headed to the ER to have the little one forcefully rehydrated as he completely refused to drink anything (and had been doing so most of the day), while still vomiting and having other end issues as well. Since neither Tim nor I was keen on subjecting him to an IV, we did the ol' syringe of liquid down the throat at regular intervals until we were confident that he was at least not losing ground as far as hydration went. The plan was to call the doctor as soon as we got up this morning, but he took his morning bottle quite happily and has been drinking frequently and happily (and keeping it down) all day thus far. So...the doctor call is on hold for now.

Which means that I can now turn my mind to things like what we're going to have for Christmas dinner. I'm hoping to be able to get out to the store tomorrow and pick up the various items I'll need for it. At this point, the menu is rib roast, asparagus, creamed spinach, Yorkshire pudding, and then bread pudding for dessert. I'm thinking that's probably a good place to stop, though part of me thinks we need a little more - but that's the part that is inevitably responsible for there being way too much food, so I'm trying to tell that part of me to chill. I'm also hoping to give Christina's recommended king cake recipe a try. I know it's not Mardi Gras, but I've been in the mood and I figure I can make a convincing argument that since Jesus is the King, then we ought to have His cake. I'm not hugely optimistic about that success though, since it involves multiple risings and I've never yet managed to get anything I've made to rise successfully. But we'll give it a shot.

And now, the little boy is up from his nap and trying to eat my laptop, so that seems like it might be an indication for me to quit blogging and do important things like play.

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