Change for Change's Sake Is Not Cool

Anyone have a recommendation for a reader that isn't Google Reader? They made some arbitrary and really freaking annoying changes today, without an option to keep it like it was (which at least they did when they dorked around with Gmail a few weeks ago) and now...it's just irritating. They took away the Refresh button that checked all your subscriptions...frankly, I don't have time to refresh each subscription individually. If I wanted to do that, I'd just browse to everything I read on its own. And since the Google Reader is iffy at best on actually checking for new posts in anything remotely resembling a timely manner, that refresh button was necessary. Add to that that things don't get marked read when you click in them and scroll a little anymore (or, at least, it doesn't seem like they do. In fact now, it seems downright arbitrary as to what you have to do to mark things read short of clicking the stupid "Mark Read" button, which is inconveniently situated when you're already in a post and scrolling through it.)

I'm sure they have what they thing are reasons for their changes (and the color palette? Ugly and hard to view - does anyone actually like pastels on the internet anymore? Apparently Google, but anyone else? Individual "collapsing" thingys...waste of space - now my lists take up twice the room that they used to, and I'd collapse them but, strangely, I like to see what's in my reader.)

So. I'm taking suggestions. I'd prefer something that doesn't have a history of "fixing" things that aren't broken.


michellewillingham said...

I use Bloglines to read my blogs. It seems to work pretty well.

Can't wait to do lunch today!!

beth said...

I've tried Bloglines in the past and wasn't thrilled, but maybe I'll give them another shot.

We're pretty stoked about lunch around here, too. :)