I Know Why Simon & Garfunkel Sang

It actually has nothing to do with the actual lyrics of the song...but the baby is finally asleep and Tim is not yet home and right now the only sound in the house is silence. Quiet. For the first time in four days.

I don't know if it's teething. I don't know if it's something else. But the child, my darling, lovable, wonderful little boy is turning into a calf. Because all he has done is moo. And the mooing. Oh, the mooing. It grateth on the nerveseth until you think that maybe a little mooing on your own part might be therapeutic, if only to try and ease the tension that is creeping up your neck, starting with a tensing in the muscles at the base of your spine.

And so, I think I will be off to enjoy some solace before I have to go start supper and all those various evening tasks.

However, I'll leave you with two things:
1) We went to a church on Sunday that I think will become our new church home. It was so refreshing to have a pastor stand up in front of everyone and say "The Bible is objective truth." I can't recall the last time I've been inclined to take notes during a sermon - but this one inspired two pages worth of thoughts that I've already been back to as I've been thinking over what he said. (And that's another nice thing - they give you a blank page for notes, because they're not there to tell you football stories and make you feel like they identify with you as you scribble three words in fill-in-the-blank exercises that you could fill out without hearing the sermon.)

2) On a related note, this is something I have long wanted to figure out how to say but have never really been able to put in to words. Granted, I'm coming from a layperson standpoint, but people still think I'm mean for the same reasons. I wish more pastors had the intestinal fortitude to be mean.


michellewillingham said...

Poor you! Hope baby calf stops mooing soon. Mine greeted me Sunday night by barfing all over me. Blech. And yet, I think Grandma just overfed him.

Lynellen said...

Was that a "Quantum" of solace that you found, o Bond?

Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

I was so intrigued to read about pastors being mean and had to click on your "this" link. I'm more intrigued! Liked what I read. I'm often too timid. It's not easy being mean! Say, let's write a song about that...

Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

Ah, yes, the teething horrors! I haven't been a senior citizen so long that I can't remember my mother-years and those times that grateth on the nerveseth. Bless you, dear lady. And keep finding solace when you can.

beth said...

Michelle, maybe I need your mom to show the mooer what it is to have a full tummy. He's still a really sparse eater. Though I could skip the erping. :)

Exactly, Lynellen.

Marmee, yeah, that's an enjoyable blog, glad you found it thought provoking. And I don't think you can forget teething...it scars you mentally.

Jen said...

Jared rulz.

I think we were spoiled in the teething area. I think we've been spoiled in a lot of areas of early parenting.