There Ought to Be Something to Say

I keep thinking that I'll blog later because surely there will soon be something to say. But there isn't, really, so we'll go with some random thoughts:

  • Just got off the phone with the nurse and she thinks the little one has a yeast infection, not diaper rash, so I'm off to the drug store for Lotrimin and hopefully the baby boy's bum will soon be something other than cherry red and bumpy. Poor kiddo.
  • I'm switching topics for my dissertation. Why, yes, that means I have to start the process completely over, why do you ask? But, well, after spending the better part of the last year trying to gather a sample that would qualify as significant and coming up woefully short, I think it's time to admit defeat and move to something that has a chance of success within a reasonable time frame. Because honestly? I just want two things: my diploma and to stop paying tuition.
  • My advisor has a study he'd like done that he's suggested. I'll probably go with it, even though in all honesty, it's not all that interesting. However, see previous note on the two things I want.
  • We're going to Williamsburg this weekend (and spending the night, even!) to see all the Christmas lights and decorations. I'm pretty stoked. I also need to email Michelle and see if she and her family are interested/free for a meal - or at least to say hi - since I'm actually (and finally) down her way.
  • This is the end of week 9 (out of 10) for my current crop of students. So far I'm still enjoying whatever Bermuda Triangle of enrollment that managed to give me a whole classful of students (rather than the usual batch of 1-2 students and the rest slackers.) I'm sure it won't happen again anytime soon, but for now, it's a pleasant switch.
That's really it. All the presents are bought and wrapped and under the tree. The house is decorated. I'm ready for Christmas - and looking forward to it more this year than I have in several.

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