FoodNetwork Gets One Right

Last night I watched my DVRd Will Work for Food, starring Adam Gertler - one of the participants of The Next Food Network Star last time around. I liked Adam, though I didn't think he had what it took for a food prep show, he shines in Will Work for Food - it's very definitely his niche. And honestly, I still DVR Big Daddy's House, the show of the winner of TNFNS, and honestly? Adam has a much better on-air personality, it's just that he needed to be doing something more than cooking.

In the first episode he explored the lives of lobstermen and bee keepers. It's kind of a Dirty Jobs show for food-related industries...with a little bit of Unwrapped and How Things Work thrown in. If you need a show for casual viewing, I recommend throwing this into your DVR rotation.

I watched the second episode of Chopped this afternoon. I still despise Ted Allen. And I still don't get why they put some of the ingredients together and then expect the chefs to come up with some miraculous wonder. I mean really, even the best chef can only do so much with phyllo, dried pineapple rings, blueberries, and gorgonzola. At least the judges thawed ever so slightly...making them appear almost human (rather than robotic.) Ted Allen was still annoying. (Did I mention that?)

In totally unrelated thoughts...can someone explain why it will cost me $26 to transfer my medical records from one doctor to another? Do they hire Franciscan monks to do the copying?

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