Thoughts on the Day

I don't intend to watch any of the coverage today - but it's not so much out of a desire to bury my head in the sand for the next four years as it is that I wouldn't have watched it if someone else had won either. I don't care for parades as a rule, or for watching masses of people thronging around someone or something.

That said, I have a few thoughts on the day:

  • I hope and pray that religious freedom continues to be a defining characteristic of America. In particular, I hope and pray that Christians are allowed to voice their beliefs - even the ones that are unpopular with those who do not hold them - without certain small lobbying groups managing to get those beliefs declared anathema.
  • I hope and pray that President Obama will stop and consider how legislation like the Freedom of Choice Act institutes a new slavery - the slavery of the unborn - and revise his opinion and determination to allow and fund the broadening of this national travesty.
  • I hope and pray that those who hate America do not take it upon themselves to test in the worst way this fairly inexperienced man as he takes office. But when they do, I hope and pray that he finds the strength of character to stand up to them and preserve the fabric of America that so many before us have died to protect.
I pray daily for our national leaders. And though I didn't vote for him and I am concerned about what he will do to our country, today I begin praying for a new President.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.