FoodNetwork is not Bravo

So, out of curiosity, I DVRd the first episode of Chopped on FoodNetwork. I enjoy watching food reality shows (Top Chef, the Challenges, Iron Chef America, etc.) so I figured it'd be worth a shot. The show looked, at first glance, kind of like a rip off of Top Chef (and it might explain why Ted Allen is no longer guest judging at Top Chef) but in actuality, it's a little more of a mixture between Top Chef and Iron Chef America, with a dash of Challenge thrown in. Basically you've got 4 contestants and they get a basket of mystery items. They then prepare an appetizer. After that, the judges (Alex Guarnaschelli, Aaron Sanchez, and Geoffrey Zakarian -- of them I know only Aaron from his participation in The Next Iron Chef America) eliminate someone. Then the remaining 3 get a new basket of bizarre ingredients and make a main course. Someone is eliminated. The final 2 make dessert and there is a winner, who gets $10,000.

I have to say that it's an interesting idea. And if it had a different host and if the judges thawed a little, it might be watchable. As it is, Ted Allen stomps around the stage interviewing people who have only 30 minutes to combine strange ingredients into something edible and asking assinine questions like, "How do you feel?" Who cares how they feel, really? And he does it all in his patronizing, "I'm just desperately trying to be Alton Brown but really all I am is a big gay poser" voice. Bleh. The judges act as if having a facial expression other than stern disinterest is going to cause the world to explode, so as they rave about a dish with an expression that says they are about to die of boredom it pretty much leaves you feeling unconvinced.

I'll probably record another few episodes to see if it gets better...cause I really don't think it's possible that it could get worse. Realistically it won't be in the DVR rotation for long...but that's fine as I seriously doubt it's going to manage to stay on the FoodNetwork for long, either.

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Lynellen said...

'a facial expression other than stern disinterest is going to cause the world to explode' is EXACTLY the look that my server at the Arby's drive through had the other day.

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