A Hankering for Yarn

I am in the mood to crochet something. Or knit. I see all these people knitting socks and I think to myself, "Gosh, that would be cool." but really, knitting and I are not great friends. I mean, I know *how* to knit...it's just best summed up by the fact that I started knitting a sweater about 5 years ago and I am about 1/2 way up the back panel and completely and utterly bored with it. I even dragged it out on Sunday afternoon because I really wanted to be doing something with yarn...but it turns out that I'd just like to be doing something other than working on that sweater. Realistically, I should probably stick with crocheting...it goes much faster for me.

I have 3? 4? friends/cousins/what-have-you who are pregnant currently, so I could make some blankets...but I asked one of the cousins what colors she'd like for the one I intended to make for her little girl and got a fifteen minute explanation about how that was really sweet but they had far too many blankets already so she'd hate for me to waste my time. Then my friend had me over to help get organized for her new baby and she was boxing up stuff from the last baby to make room (to give away) and the only blankets she was getting rid of were the handmade ones because she just thinks that handmade stuff is tacky. And so...I wonder if I'm being inconsiderate by making blankets as gifts since apparently the only person who actually enjoys them is me.

So. I have been toying with making a larger blanket that I could use myself while watching TV but I'm torn...because I have a feeling the "gosh I'm so bored" issue could become a factor with the bigger than baby size blanket. Which circles me back around to thinking maybe I just need to learn how to knit socks. Though I suspect that what will happen there is I'll have a whole lot of single socks lying about with mates that need to be made at some point.

And to just round out the ennui and indecision...I'm bored with the yarn at Michaels. Seriously, you'd think there would be a yarn store somewhere in the DC area where I could go and feel the yarn, cause I hesitate to buy it mail order because I want to see/touch/snuggle before I commit. I may have to break down and dig out the yellow pages to see if such a creature exists. No one I've asked has any thoughts other than Michaels...and we've already discussed that.

It's not like I have a ton of time when using pointy objects is possible - but it just would be nice to have something to fiddle with when watching TV or during the odd naptime when I just can't bring myself to scrub a toilet.

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Lynellen said...

I vote you email justdotchristina and get yarn and pattern recommendation from her... i would love a pair of socks!