How To Know It's Been Too Long Since You Really Cooked

I've been in a bit of a dinner rut of late. So one of my New Year's Not-Resolutions was to plan out meals, shop for the stuff I need, and actually try out some of the recipes in my 9,000,000,000 cookbooks.

Tonight, Tim came down from putting the baby to bed and looked at the dinner pieces coming together on the counter and said, "Are we having company? This looks really nice."

I guess I made the not-resolution just in time.


Library girl said...

What did you make?

Gwynne said...

I need to do this too!

beth said...

Rachel, we had a spinach salad with bacon, balsamic glazed chicken and warm balsamic dressing. It was tasty. And reasonably healthy.

Gwynne - I always have such good intentions for this and then peter out about a week in. I'm hopeful that I can make it stick this time - we shall see. That said, I'm not sure it's going to help in the "try to save a little on groceries" department, which was the second side of the coin, because I, of course, want to do the recipes with weird (read: expensive) ingredients. :)